Basic Spring configuration test using Beanoh


When using Spring contexts, it is easy to misconfigure. Especially when mixing XML and annotation configurations. So we all (should) include a unit test that ensures that at least the Spring configuration is OK, before we go and test the functionality itself. I thought that there must be a more generic way of doing this and came across the Beanoh library.

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Boosting local performance with Vaadin using Jetty 7 / 8

When your are generating a new Vaadin project using one of the supplied archetypes, it comes with a jetty plugin configuration which allows you to quickly run the application using mvn package jetty:run. Nice, but then often you have to wait, since Jetty 6 somehow takes very long to use the Vaadin Widgetset.
Want to speed things up, use the new Jetty 7 maven plugin and you will notice the difference!

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Logging, which framework to choose? Log4J, Commons Logging, LogBack, SLF4J?

Logging is part of every application we create and most of the time we do not use java’s own Java Util Logging framework. Most developers and architects use Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL) in combination with Log4J. But what about SLF4J instead of JCL? Although more and more frameworks are using it, a lot of developers and architects stick to Jakarta Commons Logging with Log4J, why is that?

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